Sunday, 6 March 2016


If a thorn strikes your feet, and it pains,....what do you do? Do you try to get rid of the pain or rid of the thorn? Dont you use the pain as a tracking signal to track where exactly is the thorn? Didnt you know because if the pain that a thorn has inserted your flesh in the first place...a place where it shouldnt be? So didnt the pain act like an alerting system in the first place?

Sunday, 15 March 2015


||//\\|| A disturbing title isnt it....especially to the male readers.
( I know how hard it was for me to let it sink in when i was realizing this concept. Since we 'guys' have this God-gifted 'ego').

||//\\|| But this is the basis of meditation...of spirituality and so on.

||//\\|| Turns out that we live in a universe of polar opposites.
Your outer world is the male component of this pole.

||//\\|| So if a mad bull runs after matter how much enlightened you will have to run.

||//\\|| If someone is molesting your matter how much peace loving you will respond.(very aggressively).

||//\\|| Such an anger is also divine. Trust me. Its pure....pristine and not a result of some previous emotional baggage. So not an offshoot of accumulated garbage experience from your nerves. 

||//\\|| If you are driving a car...hold on to the steering. If you have been reading let go and unconditional acceptance and to trust wherever you car(life) will take you and trust it will all unfold well....well....its not a good idea. The outer world is just not the zone where you need to practice letting go and unconditional acceptance and so on.

||//\\|| are moving in a 180 degree opposite direction. So....the rules are also 180 degree opposite.
||//\\|| Here.....only let-go works....surrender rules here.

||//\\|| You can chew your food as much as you want...but the moment the morsel enters the food have to surrender it.

||//\\|| If you try to squeese your stomach or put sticks through you food pipe to see if the food is digested well or are going to mess up with your entire system.
Digestion is not happens surrender...when you give up doing.

||//\\|| Similarly the quickest way to fall asleep....lie down on the bed.....forget about will come to you.
||//\\|| If you try to will keep going away from you. 
Now lets say some whacko time-table lady says that you need to sleep exactly before 1 a.m so that you enjoy a good health.
||//\\|| Every night you go to sleep...she remains besides your a ghost, seeing constantly at the watch and reminding you that you havent slept yet. 
||//\\|| She constantly scolds at you that time is passing by and you havent slept are not trying hard you know.
What will happen?? 

||//\\|| The more you try to understand...the less you will understand. For understanding to will have to let-go trying to understand the book.

||//\\|| You will have to let the content of the book unfold in front of you and let it sink into your consciousness( Not the brain...the brain cannot can only decode info and store or recollect it for you ).

This is why spirituality is full of Paradoxes....because the inner world is paradoxial in its working as compared to the outer world.

In the outer world if you are really...physically stuck in a need to move your hands and your feet to get out.

In the inner world...if you are stuck (not physically but say you cant get over some person) need to allow yourself to be as stuck as possible. As if you are the epi-centre of all the stuckness and stickyness in the whole of the universe.

I used to get strange images when i used to allow myself to feel stuck. I used to feel that my whole body as if is covered inside and outside with gum. But slowly when i used to allow it and allow it....this gum was starting to melt within me. 

Slowly parts of it were becoming more and more translucent and later transparent like melted wax and were dissolving in me (self-integration for the spiritual geeks)

You might not see gum....but maybe a rock or molten tar or mud or stone or whatever when you do this exercise. Just go to it and let it tell its story and hug it as  it tells its story to you.

Sorrow is not an enemy part of is a wounded part of you. Something you refused to experience....something you said ....should not got stored in your nerves as a baggage because you brain refused to experience it fully.

How to reverse this karma???? Simple...complete what you left unfinished. Go to it and dip your nerves deep in it and experience it fully. For how long do you think it will remain (without dissolving) ???
When you start doubting this process...just ask this sorrow so bad that i cant give it a hug also. Tears might start falling from your eyes because you will realize that it is just was a wounded part of you after all.

It was meant to be just an experience...but so rigidly and harsly had to treated it that it became a wound. Any part of your body can give you pain if you wound it by treating it harshly. 

It wasn't the experience that was the was the treatment given to it.

You might suddenly realize (as did I) that for all this while you had been a spritual hypocrite. You were more concerned of oneness with the universe and oneness with your twin flame and oneness with God and so on. But you never even began to take the first step of oneness with your sorrows, with so many and many experiences baggaged into your nerves.

You might feel like shedding away all this hypocrisy and simply spending time with your sorrows, your loneliness, your wounds, your ego and hug them. And when a time comes that you no longer care how painful the process is and keep them hugging even if it takes and eternity....sorrow dies in your arms.. No, wont get its dead body...because it has got transmuted now.
Paradoxially when you fall in love with sorrow so much that you just keep hugging it was a part of you which was regected...when you accepted it....the process gets reversed.

It was your last kiss to it.

Sorrow cannot survive you unconditional hugging (unconditional sensitivity, for the spiritual geeks). It can only survive under the shade of the ignorance or your resistance or further thinking and so on.

Everything you experience from your five senses is converted into an electric signal and sent via you nerves (which act as wires) to you brain.

Now...your nerves are designed to tranfer electricity and your brain should ideally be accepting every experience unconditionally without any resistance.

But is this how you make your brain function? Does it really accept everything that the nerves transfer to it. So where does all those experiences ( electrical charges ) go ? 
Well....they get trapped in the nerves. Its like making a copper wire to store electricity.

So all your emotional baggage is nothing but experiences( electrical charges) stored inside your nerves.....AND REMEMBER ,... YOUR NERVES ARE DESIGNED TO TRANSMIT ELECTRICITY...NOT STORE THEM.

But when you refuse  to experience a certain experience or insist that only so and so experiences should pass through your nerves....then they get stored, accumulated in your nerves.

 How to reverse this process???.....go to them and start conducting them....i.e experiencing them by dipping your nerves into them. is unfortunately exactly what you were trying to avoid all this while.

All emotions are electricity.....and all emotions (e-motion or energy in motion) likes to be in a state of motion....not trapped in your nerves.


This is why Jiddu Krishnamurti spent 50 years of his life (in vain) trying to explain people about "choiceless awareness".

It is a state of conducting through your nerves...experiencing through you nerves without any resistance.

He said to first experience the 'WHAT IS' and once the 'WHAT IS' is experienced fully...the truth will come to you.

But do we experience the 'WHAT IS' as it is. Or arent we still reading spiritual stuff and aiming at 'WHAT SHOULD BE'?


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